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Cecil packed up his stuff...well, more or less neatly. Sort of. He didn't anticipate being gone long, but just in case, he didn't want to leave a mess. He'd e-mailed all his friends to let them know, and now just had this last thing to do. There were so far a small pile of things to take home, and a larger pile of things to leave for now. Foucault was watching with interest and poking his nose in all the bags to help.

"Foucault!" Cecil said for the fortieth time. "Behave, or I'll never finish before our portal comes!"

[Open door, open post - Cecil is leaving till Fall, so catch him if you like! If you think you got his e-mail, you did.]
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Arthur woke up. Well, gained consciousness. He had no idea how he'd gotten here, so he was betting on not being awake. He rolled out of the bed he was in and looked around, pulling his gun.

He considered the advantage to just shooting himself free of the dream, but decided to wait and play it as it lay for now. It wasn't overtly hostile, and information was always useful. He shouldn't stay where he was, though; it never paid to be predictable.

The place seemed to be a student dorm, and there was another person - dreamer? projection? - asleep in the room (assuming Four is there). He moved quickly and quietly, finding a backpack and stowing a laptop he found and what papers he could find in it, then carefully making his way out the door and down the stairs, gun ready just in case.

[OOC: Aaaaand, Cecil has woken up as Arthur from Inception. Open for interaction, though be aware that if you act aggressive, he'll probably shoot you. Otherwise, he probably won't. Most likely.]
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Cecil had barely been able to contain himself enough to make it through the portal, but the sight on the other end was worth it.

"♥Carlos♥!" He flung himself into his boyfriend's arms and kissed him for less time than he would've liked before grinning and ushering his friends forward for introductions. "Everybody, Carlos. Carlos, Everybody!"

He was shedding his coat and jacket and mittens and scarf and everything as fast as he could. "Oh, it is so nice to be warm again! Did you get the paperwork and everything?"

"I got the paperwork, Cecil," Carlos answered indulgently. He handed each of the others an envelope. "Official visitor's permits, standard declaration for tax purposes of up to six limbs per person, and a waiver for the weekly requirement of eating at Big Rico's Pizza, just in case."

He gestured at the packets. "Also there's a certification that you and your luggage are completely free of wheat and wheat by-products, and a form releasing the City Council from any responsibility for injury or illness due to existential crisis." He held up a hand. "Really, don't ask. Just sign them and leave them buried outside tonight. I've got a shovel. My car's over here; anybody need help with their bags?"

[OOC: OCD free and open to those joining Cecil for Spring Break!]
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Cecil wasn't actually hiding. He even had the door open! But he hadn't really had any plans tonight, except for calling ♥Carlos♥, which was not going to happen now. And he wasn't really inclined to make any new ones when he wasn't even really sure how to move in this body.

So he was in his room, curled up with Foucault (he still couldn't tell if his/her gender had changed or not), and reading a book. He didn't even care if it was municipally approved, so there! He was in an awkward mood.
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Cecil did not want to get out of bed this morning. It was warm and soft and outside was cold! But...he had a job.

Reluctantly, he stumbled out of bed, feeling a bit...odd. It wasn't until he'd actually taken off his shirt to shower that he realized what was going on. Because...oh. Um.

He managed a shower, despite being...squishier than usual. And his clothes still fit, at least! For once he was glad not to have finished puberty (again) yet.

He could do this! He could!

...His shoes were too big. Somehow that was the last straw. He took deep breaths to avoid freaking out, freaked out anyway, put on a few pairs of socks, tried to tell himself that at least his feet might be warm!, and made himself keep strong for Foucault. Who might be female, too? Unless she was female all the time, because how did you tell? It wasn't like people where women had soft parts and squishy bits and...oh, god, he was going to be a complete failure as a girl.

[Closed door, open post!]
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Cecil bounced out of bed rather noisily, then checked himself and tiptoed in case Sholeh was still asleep. Then yiped, because the floor was COLD! He hurried to put on a couple pairs of (mismatched) socks and a sweater, then peeked out the door to see if anyone else was awake yet.

[Open door and post!]
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After the radio broadcast, Cecil did as he'd promised and came back to his room and hugged Foucault a lot. And fed him; he was about the size of a really large turkey now, and his adult feathers hadn't even started coming in yet.

Then he fussed about his blood-stone circle for a while to make sure it was perfect before he commenced one of the oldest and most important rituals he knew, which basically translated to "please leave me alone".

He could do this. He hoped.

[OOC: open room and post!]
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Cecil hated Homecoming voting; it hadn't even occurred to him he'd have to do it four more times here! He was dismayed to discover that people from all grades were eligible for the court, and even more to realize that he had a 50% chance of being selected. Surely he was technically too young to be submitted to...that?

He quickly and emphatically marked "Raleigh Becket" for his vote for male and winced as he chose the only female. He didn't even know Daphne, and now he wasn't sure he ever would.

[Open door and post!]
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Yeah, so canon actually decided to give Cecil a full name. Which we never really thought they would. *facepalm*

So, yeah! His name totally always was Cecil Gershwin Palmer! ALWAYS.
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Carlos had gone back home.

He'd been here for just a few days, and they'd gotten to kiss and neck a bit, and Carlos had talked science at him, which was all pretty awesome.

But Carlos hadn't let things get any further, which was just frustrating (especially on Friday). And worse, he'd left again. Not that Cecil hadn't expected that, but still.

He considered going out to scream at the void, but he wasn't sure his heart was in it. So, he was indulging in the time-honored pastime of homesick and (temporarily) jilted boyfriends everywhere.

Sitting on his bed in the dark and sulking.

[Open post, door ajar.]
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So class today had been a bit dull, what with it just being unknowable cryptography; I mean, Tuesday, right? Not terribly unexpected. Cecil had livened it up a bit by making his message to the future all about the wonders of Carlos.

Which meant that now he was pretty darn homesick. So he'd just be lying about, polishing his bloodstone circle and trying not to sigh too loudly.

[open door and post!]
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Cecil was somehow getting used to the fact his roommate was a librarian; he even felt sort of daring. And he was very slowly getting used to the - ugh! - humidity. He'd been rather guiltily enjoying eating bread and cookies and other wheat and wheat by-products, having been assured they didn't go evil here.

So forgive him if he was sitting on his bed, legs curled up, suspiciously eyeing the cake that had appeared on the chair across the room. He knew he hadn't left it there, and Sholeh hadn't been in, but it was just there. It didn't seem to be biting yet, but he didn't quite trust it.

[OOC: Open door and post!]
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Sorry for the lateness! I'd like to give a really good excuse, but honestly...I just kept forgetting. Anyhoo...

Night Vale! )

Cecil! )

Me! )
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Cecil was a little hesitant about using a portal to travel after what had happened last time, but there were no evil, twisted döppelgangers this time, just an expected amount of discomfort and existential angst at traveling through the multiverse. And then a slight walk to the school's lawn.

Oh, and...something on his head. He took it off to look at it, and saw it was a lovely bouquet of welcoming flowers! Even one that looked like a tiny skull, and one that looked like a snake! Before he could put it back on, another one appeared on his head, so he wove the spare one around the strap of his bag.

He grimaced a little as he walked, though. This humidity was going to take some getting used to!

Voice mail

Aug. 22nd, 2013 11:37 pm
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"Hello, this is Cecil. If this is someone from Fandom, just speak after the beep, and I imagine this thing will let me know. If you're calling from Night Vale, whisper your message into the refrigerator fruit bin, then take out a mango and hurl it into the void, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can! Thanks!"
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