Feb. 24th, 2014

voiceoverdue: (the most awesome tie)
Cecil had barely been able to contain himself enough to make it through the portal, but the sight on the other end was worth it.

"♥Carlos♥!" He flung himself into his boyfriend's arms and kissed him for less time than he would've liked before grinning and ushering his friends forward for introductions. "Everybody, Carlos. Carlos, Everybody!"

He was shedding his coat and jacket and mittens and scarf and everything as fast as he could. "Oh, it is so nice to be warm again! Did you get the paperwork and everything?"

"I got the paperwork, Cecil," Carlos answered indulgently. He handed each of the others an envelope. "Official visitor's permits, standard declaration for tax purposes of up to six limbs per person, and a waiver for the weekly requirement of eating at Big Rico's Pizza, just in case."

He gestured at the packets. "Also there's a certification that you and your luggage are completely free of wheat and wheat by-products, and a form releasing the City Council from any responsibility for injury or illness due to existential crisis." He held up a hand. "Really, don't ask. Just sign them and leave them buried outside tonight. I've got a shovel. My car's over here; anybody need help with their bags?"

[OOC: OCD free and open to those joining Cecil for Spring Break!]


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