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Sorry for the lateness! I'd like to give a really good excuse, but honestly...I just kept forgetting. Anyhoo...

Night Vale!

Cecil hails from the canon Welcome to Night Vale and the city of Night Vale. If you're not familiar with the canon, it's a (really awesome) podcast in the form of the community radio from Night Vale, a small(ish) town in the southwestern US. Think a desert version of Lake Woebegon...meets HP Lovecraft.

Cecil may be one of the few folks who comes from a canon weirder than Fandom:
  • Yes, at one point all wheat and wheat by-products turned into venomous snakes for no readily apparent reason. And then turned into malevolent spirits. Fortunately, the town was saved by the existence of a wheat-and-wheat-byproduct shelter that the city council had built decades ago, because "prophecy".
  • Around a year ago, a giant glowing cloud moved through the city, dropping dead animals as it went. It later joined the school board.
  • Librarians are fierce and vicious creatures. The Night Vale public library has a rather high fatality rate. And recently, the penalty for a book more than 30 days overdue was raised to jaw mutilation.
Honestly, this place is nuts, and the podcast is awesome. Info on it is here, and it's free for download.


Cecil himself is the voice of Night Vale - he's the radio host through whose eyes we see most of Night Vale. He's very...chipper. He tends to go on editorial tangents, he's not afraid to show his emotions and biases, and he really loves his hometown. He works with a revolving cast of interns (only one so far has (possibly) lasted more than one show, and she's...possibly on another plane of existence now) and Station Management (who are some sort of eldritch horror).

He's deeply in love with a scientist who came to Night Vale a little over a year ago, named Carlos; they recently started dating. This is somewhat complicated by the fact that he is now fourteen instead of thirty-something.

(See, he recently found a library book he'd checked out in high school and somehow never returned, so to avoid some unnamed but very gruesome fate, he handwavily got himself de-aged, so he could return it on time. Welcome to Night Vale.) Time moves more slowly in Night Vale than elsewhere, so he's in Fandom so he can have a semi-normal (for him) life while hopefully becoming legal a bit faster so he can get back to Carlos.

He's a friendly guy, he adores (but does not understand) science, and he has some ideas that outside of Night Vale are probably considered rather eccentric. He's not sure he believes in mountains. Sometimes he realizes this differences between Night Vale and other places, sometimes he doesn't.

Also, sometimes he just knows about things that are happening or will happen. Things he couldn't possibly have seen or have any way of knowing. Think of it as a limited and sporadic clairvoyance and prescience. It's not under his control, and he really rarely even realizes it's odd. But expect that he may respond to or know about publicly-posted things he's not around for, from time to time. And if you want something to come out to odd or hilarious or awkward effect, let me know! To go along with that and the surveillance state he lives in, Cecil has very little concept of privacy.

From a meta POV, there is one odd thing (only one? well...) about Cecil - we have virtually no concept of what he looks like. He's not tall or short, not thin or fat, he wears a tie at least once, and he may or may not have black eyes. Hence my trying to be mostly mysterious/coy with his icons and not show too much at once of his PB (who is Joseph Gordon-Levitt). If I get jossed on his appearance at some point...oops?


Llwyden here, because y'all are addicting, damn it! And so is Cecil. As I said with Hannibal, I'm bad at introductions, so if you have any questions, please ask!
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