Jan. 25th, 2014

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Cecil did not want to get out of bed this morning. It was warm and soft and outside was cold! But...he had a job.

Reluctantly, he stumbled out of bed, feeling a bit...odd. It wasn't until he'd actually taken off his shirt to shower that he realized what was going on. Because...oh. Um.

He managed a shower, despite being...squishier than usual. And his clothes still fit, at least! For once he was glad not to have finished puberty (again) yet.

He could do this! He could!

...His shoes were too big. Somehow that was the last straw. He took deep breaths to avoid freaking out, freaked out anyway, put on a few pairs of socks, tried to tell himself that at least his feet might be warm!, and made himself keep strong for Foucault. Who might be female, too? Unless she was female all the time, because how did you tell? It wasn't like people where women had soft parts and squishy bits and...oh, god, he was going to be a complete failure as a girl.

[Closed door, open post!]
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Cecil wasn't actually hiding. He even had the door open! But he hadn't really had any plans tonight, except for calling ♥Carlos♥, which was not going to happen now. And he wasn't really inclined to make any new ones when he wasn't even really sure how to move in this body.

So he was in his room, curled up with Foucault (he still couldn't tell if his/her gender had changed or not), and reading a book. He didn't even care if it was municipally approved, so there! He was in an awkward mood.


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